Rider of Rohan, Fey and Dangerous



Name: Éoheort

Culture: Rider of Rohan Standard of Living: Martial
Cultural blessing: Fey Mood
Calling: Slayer Shadow weakness: Curse of Vengeance
Specialties: Riddermark-lore, Horsemanship, Orc-lore
Distinctive features: Bold (Gallant), Tall (Big)
Body: 7 Heart: 4 Wits: 3
Body (favoured): 10 Heart (favoured): 6 Wits (favoured): 4

Common Skills

* Awe: 3 Inspire: 2 Persuade: 0 [][][]
* Athletics: 3 Travel: 3 Stealth: 0 [][][]
* Awareness: 1 Insight: 2 Search: 0 [][][]
* Explore: 1 Healing: 0 Hunting: 1 [][][]
* Song: 2 Courtesy: 1 Riddle: 0 [][][]
* Craft: 1 Battle: 2 Lore: 0 [][][]

Weapon Skills

* (Spears): 2
* Sword: 2
* Dagger: 1

Rewards: Horsetailed Helm

* Spear damage: 5 edge: 9 injury: 14 enc: 2
* Sword damage: 5 edge: 10 injury: 16 enc: 2
* Dagger damage: 3 edge: G injury: 12 enc: 0
* Mail-shirt enc: 12
* Helm enc: 6
* Shield enc: 3

Travelling Gear

* Hard wearing drinking horn
* Sturdy horsehair bedroll
* Warrior’s spare boots
* Curious stone talisman made by Elves


* Grimfola Riding Modifier: -2 Size: Medium Charge: +3 Armour: -6

Endurance: 26 Starting Endurance: 26 Fatigue from Encumbrance: 25 Fatigue from Travel: 0 Total Fatigue: 25
Total Fatigue on Horseback: 19
Hope: 12 Starting Hope: 12 Temporary Shadow: 0
Permanent Shadow: 0 Total Shadow: 0
Armour: 3d Headgear: +4
Parry: 3 Shield: +2
Damage: 7 Ranged: 7
Wisdom: 1 Valour: 2
Experience: 0 Total Experience: 0
Fellowship: 0 Fellowship Focus: Éofled Advancement: 0 Treasure: 0
Standing: 1


Éoheort, Son of Éobrand, was born in T.A. 2935 in the Eastfold settlement of Aldburg. The eldest of four children, Éoheort grew up learning the ways of horsemanship from his father, a gifted horse-herd that bred many of Aldburg’s valiant steeds. He learned the way of the sword and shield as a boy, and he was gifted with a horse of his very own on his 12th birthday. Éoheort named him Grimfola, meaning “fierce-foal” in the tongue of his people, and horse and rider soon became like brothers.

When Éoheort came of age in T.A. 2951, he entered the service of Esmund, son of the late Third Marshal of the Mark, Edwin. Wishing to do his part in defending his beloved country, he joined with Esmund’s éored, knowing that it was the most renowned and active of the Eastfold. On more than one occasion, Éoheort rode to the far reaches of the Eastemnet with the éored to guard against invaders and outlaws and in T.A. 2953 he accompanied the éored to Edoras, where he witnessed the crowning of Thengel King.

During his years of continued service in the éored of Esmund, Éoheort grew to become a valiant and fierce warrior, never shying away from the battle-fury that comes upon the warriors of the Mark. As a reward for his deeds, he was given a helm crested with great plumes of horse hair, and he pledged to lead his fellow riders through a bold example.

In T.A. 2957, Éoheort’s younger brother Éomód, a rider in a smaller éored of the East-mark, was killed by orcs while patrolling near the borders of the White Mountains. Stricken with grief, Éoheort returned to Aldburg to mourn the passing of his brother, all the while swearing vengeance upon the orcs that felled his kin. With the blessing of Esmund, Éoheort and his younger sister Éohild, a shieldmaiden, took a company of riders from his éored and rode down the orcish host, slaughtering them upon the plains.

In the years since his brother’s passing Éoheort has continued to ride in the éored of Esmund, now with his sister counted amongst the riders. As Thengel King strives to redeem the honor squandered by his father, so does Éoheort strive to gain renown slaying those who threaten the Riddermark. With sword in hand and Grimfola to carry him, he rides each day with a determination worthy of the songs that fill the halls of Edoras.


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